How to load a 360 image into Google Cardboard?


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Does anyone know of a piece of software or an app that can load and view 360 panoramic images in Google Cardboard?


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Did you try making big sphere, flip it, and using spherical mapping? (so viewer will be inside of it)

Using Luminosity 100%, Diffuse 0% might be needed, to disable shading.


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360 panoramic images in Google Cardboard

Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure that what you are saying is the right approach.

Google Cardboard seems to have its own file system and they have removed the option to load files other than their demos (which are pretty good and interesting).

I have been chasing this for a bit.

Based on internet advice ...

I have created a 360 panorama still image with the Lightwave VR camera and ran it through Google Street View to get it into the right format and Street View then offered the option to load the image into Google Cardboard.

It was an image of a room and I could look around the room in Google Cardboard using an iphone.

Very useful stuff.

However, I have not been able to repeat the experience. I cannot get Google Cardboard to load the image again.


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Install one of the many apps (whether iOS or Android) for viewing 360 images, from the relevant app store.
Copy your LW renders to your phone, no need to convert.


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I've had a lot of trouble finding an app that would load my 360 panoramas and display them in a Google Cardboard headset.

But Photosphere Viewer from Primitive Factory works well.

It is available in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

It will load and display a 360 panorama from the Lightwave VR camera.

It can display it on the phone's screen with navigation by swiping and can also display it in a Google Cardboard headset.

In the headset navigation is by turning your head and looking around.

Unfortunately, Photosphere Viewer has ads on the bottom of the screen but otherwise it is free and works.

The ads are not too obtrusive.

Two web examples of what I am trying to do on a phone :

The first is a basketball practice court in a former warehouse.

It was done with Lightwave 11.6 and Liberty3D Ubercam.

The second is a Grandstand proposal and was done with the Lightwave 2018 VR camera.

I have had to go up to a 6000 x 3000 size VR image to get the resolution in the phone to an acceptable point.


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My 360 VR experiments could be done with a $20 'Google Cardboard' cardboard headset.

But I am using a $100 Zeiss VR One headset.

It works well.

At 6000 x 3000 the image is nice but not crystal clear.

So maybe I need to up the resolution some more.


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What type of phone are you using?
You can only go so far by upping the resolution, as your phone has a max display resolution split between two eyes.
You may be better upping the AA.

For example an Oculus Rift uses 1080x1200 per eye.


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What's the "AA?"

I don't know what that is.

I am using an iphone 7.

On other VR apps the phone produces a nice clear image, so I haven't isolated the reason for the difference in clarity yet.

But I think the difficulty in finding an app that works in Google Cardboard is because of the iphone.

There are probably more Android apps available than ios apps for Google Cardboard.

I don't think Apple and Google get along.


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AA = Antialiasing settings in LW

You don't have to use the cardboard app, there are many apps that you install on your phone, run it then plop it into the viewer.
Try Mobile VR Station from Apple app store.


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I have Mobile VR Station on the phone.

It is one of the apps that produces very clear images.

And the selection function of using the eye focus to target the selection is impressive.

But the panorama function seems to be limited to 180 degrees.

And it seems to be targeted towards videos.

Nice but I am trying to work with something simpler.
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