How to get Perception Neuron finges working with NevronMotion


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So I bought a Perception Neuron suit which works well. Bought NevronMotion and spent a weekend trying to get the fingers working in Lightwave.

Exporting a 3DS Biped BVH file from Axis Neutron is the only format I've found to work correctly in lightwave (I'm not on on 2015 so maybe FBX works better in that). This looks great and fingers are working. However on NevronMotion there aren't fingers in the BVH preset so you can't retarget them. You can export you're own preset which is a .nmr file. You can open this in a text editor and modify it adding extra entries for the missing bones. Import it and apply it again and retarget. After that you just have to select each bone and enable world coordinates on the motion options rotation item property.

Works like a charm.

Hope this helps someone. :)


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Ok so I'm not quite there yet. The FK controls of the fingers on the Nevron mocap genoma preset are conflicting with the mocap data. I thought I got around this by checking the "world" checkbox on each finger bone but the fingers are going a bit crooked. I've tried deleting the FK controls in modeler but that breaks the rig. I think I need to change the finger skelegons to another type but I'm struggling a bit. Help me Lino!
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Nice! After today's meeting there's about a 90% chance of some work in the queue needing my Perception suit. Have yet to try to link it to Nevron, might be a good experiment in the interim. Not sure how I'd use it in production but I love learning new stuff.

Thanks so much for the info, look forward to seeing how you fare with this!
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