How to flip vertical the output from Opengl application.


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Can we flip the output image data from OpenGL application using NDI SDK or do we have to do it in the application and than send it.
Hello Sumit,

I ran into the exact same problem because the convention for OpenGL is: Textures are bottom up in memory.
But I was able to work around this issue by specifying a negative line_stride_in_bytes:

// Set the new data pointer and calculate line stride
// Note that the NDI SDK is expecting a top-down image wherea OpenGL is
// giving a bottom up image so we need to point the data pointer to the
// last line of the image and program a negative line stride.
int pixelSizeInBytes = pixelSizeInBytesFromNDIVideoType(m_ndiVideoFrame.FourCC);
int lineStrideInBytes = m_ndiVideoFrame.xres*pixelSizeInBytes;
m_ndiVideoFrame.p_data = pBottomUpImage + (m_ndiVideoFrame.yres-1)*lineStrideInBytes;
m_ndiVideoFrame.line_stride_in_bytes = -1 * lineStrideInBytes;

It works fine with NDIlib_FourCC_type_BGRX format but it crashes in the libndi.dylib (NDI version 5.0.3) with NDIlib_FourCC_type_UYVY format.
So I will restrict our NDI sender to RGB formats for now then.
Unless there is another way of selecting the image topness in the NDI SDK that I missed ?
In any case thank you NewTek ! This is a pretty neat SDK !

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