How to find Speededit2 Version # and how to know if I need to upgrade ?


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Hello All;
I can't believe I can't find this.

I am considering using Speededit2 for a project and I want to be sure I have the latest updates.

But there are a number of issues ...

First ... there appears no where in the software where the Title "SPEEDEDIT2" is listed ... the only way I knew it was Speededit2 was because that's what the ICON on the desktop said. Everywhere in the software, SPEEDEDIT is only listed. Even in "About Speededit", only SPEEDEDIT(tm) is listed, not Speededit2. This is confusing to me because a long time ago, I upgraded from SpeedEdit to Speeddit2. Can Newtek list "SpeedEdit2" on the start-up screen and also in the "About Speededit" screen so we all know we're running the latest version ?

Second, there is no where I can find the version #. When I select "About Speededit", I just get a build number which tells me NOTHING because Newtek doesn't list build numbers on each of their version upgrades. Can Newtek add a version number in the "About Speededit" screen ?

And finally, I don't recall when or even if I upgraded SpeedEdit2 last and I can't find any way to determine if I need to upgrade. Can someone help me figure out how to know if I need to upgrade? The build number is 80313 if that helps and it lists a copyright date of 2012 in the "About Speededit" screen.

Thanks so much for helping me figure this out and hope NT will add clarifying title and version number on future versions of SpeedEdit2.



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I feel your pain mate.

The normal way of recognising which version of SE you have aren't present in the program. The only ways I know of to identify whether you have SE 1.x or SE2.x is

1) the icon on the desktop (as you've found)
2) SE 2.x's icon is very different to SE 1.x

To find out which version of SE you've got, the only way I know of is to go to SpeedEDIT install directory:

Windows 64 bit OS
C:\Program Files (x86)\NewTek\SpeedEDIT2\Documentation\Speededit Readme.rtf

Windows 32 bit OS
C:\Program Files\NewTek\SpeedEDIT2\Documentation\Speededit Readme.rtf

This document is the release notes on the version of SE you have.

Not an intuitive method of finding it but it delivers the results.
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