How to EXR?

So as I said before - complete beginner and as such I'm really struggerling as to how to create an EXR sequernce to make a custom transition effect? I checked this video here and they import an exr sequence to make the A channel stick to the Cloth... I've exportet countless EXR files and always get the error message: "could not read transition animation sequence" I googled it but cannot seem to find an actual how to - just discussions over the EXR format itself.

I used after effects moved a rectangle from right to out of the frame (using the UV coordinate PNG) and then exported this as an EXR file (16 bit and 32 bit) all to no avail.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Edit: sorry meant to add - I'm doing this in the Animation Store Creator.
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For making a transition for the Tricaster you need to use Animation Store Creator to turn an image sequence into a transition.
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