How to configure the 'NewTek NDI Video' DirectShow Filter programmatically (c++)?


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After install 'NDI SDK' and 'NDI tools' I've seen that there are two DirectShow filters into the system:
  • 'NDI Source' --> (DirectShow filter category: CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory) This filter not work for my proposal, because I need connect it to other sink filter
  • 'NewTek NDI Video' --> (Video Source category: ) This filter work fine because is possible to connect my sink filter.
Then I have a doubt:
How to I set the 'NewTek NDI Video' filter the correct URL to connect it? (programmatically) Witch filter interface use?
There are some documentation about the 'NewTek NDI Video' DirectShow Filter?

Thanks a lot.
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