How to change Audio Start Time?


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Is it possible at all to change the Audio Start Time with Python?

I'm trying to call a Python script from an existing large LScript (50k lines) to modify the Audio Start Time.

Ryan Roye

It appears its not possible without parsing the LWS then re-loading the scene. Ideally the loadclip command would just have an argument attached to it which lets the user specify a time. I would feature request this one.


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Workaround: generate new .wav file from the script and call LoadAudio command.
Wav file format is typically just simple header with raw data.
Write header, then as many seconds of delay prior true data, then the rest of audio, and you have delay in audio.


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Thanks for your suggestions guys.
For now I just present the offset value so it can be entered manually.
I might implement the wave file cut method later.
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