how to best reinstall aura 1


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Dear Friends:

Some time ago, I fried my aura dongle by mistake. Explain: I was trying to pull the dongle out (with the pc off) and it got stuck halfway and was forced out. After that, I put the dongle back on and it did not work anymore.
The older directory for aura 1 is still in the hd.
I just got a replacement dongle (aura 1) from newtek, which is good and working.
My question is: how to best reinstall the aura software ?
The new dongle is still not on, and the older aura dir is still in the hd.
Shall I erase the whole dir, put the dongle on and reinstall aura from the original cd ?
Or can I just put the dongle on and keep the old dir, maybe it could work ?
What about the license key ?
Please help me, I want to know what to do before I put the dongle back on.
Thanks !!!



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I'd expect your existing installation to work, but ask for a new unlock code because the old one is invalid.
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