How to batch rename frames on Windows and Mac keeping passes names and frame numbers.


Hi guys!

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET

Sometimes it happens that you render your animation and the frames naming doesn't match your postproduction pipeline, or you need to send your files to somebody and there are some requirements when it comes to naming.

In this case, you need to rename your frames, but of course, you are not going to do it frame after frame. In simplest situations, Total Commander renaming tool is enough but it doesn't cover all possible situations.

So I decided to make two tutorials, one for Mac with vRenamer and second for Windows with Rename Master which show how batch to rename frames AND meet the following requirements:

- It's possible to batch-rename all frames names and keep the render passes names\suffixes intact
- It can batch-renumber frames accordingly for every render pass
- Works on subfolders (often used by Maya and Modo users for render passes)
- It's free

How to batch rename frames in Mac with vRenamer

How to batch rename frames in Windows with Rename Master

I hope you will find it useful.


Thanks andrew,

I recently worked a bit with blender fluids 2.73..since I prefer that for fire and smoke over blender 2.83 mantaflow which replaced the older fluids, but volumes are rendering faster in 2,83 thus I am exporting out vdb sequences.
Now..those sequences in2.73 isn´t properly recognized in 2.83, and there is no way of indexing them differently when exporting out from 2.73 as I know of, thus I had to batch rename ..and that I did by using ACDsee and within it´s file browser you can simply select a batch of files and choose rename or rename series and insert certain rules within a template numeric enumerator.

I used to have one batch rename tool but it was on another machine, thought I should install a proper batch rename tool soon, so this may be handy, thanks.

Thanks !

Rename Master
yep, i use this one too.


Hey. Thanks for the feedback. I think I checked BulkRename utility but finally, I've chosen Rename Master. I don't remember why maybe it was missing one of the features I mentioned above but I'm not sure.

Actually, it was easy to find the software meeting all the requirements I mentioned for Windows. For Mac, after research, I got only vRenamer. Which is kind of freaky to use.
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