How old are you? (Looking for youngest and oldest LW user)


we;re many starvin' artists

i was lucky and had some Xtra income these later months.

my advice
> buy cheap food. it is really incredible how much $$$ i've wasted on "snacks" etc.
> buy used PC stuff
> buy used
> check cheapest options online (for example PriceGrabber)

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Congrats on the extra money ㊗️

Yup, money saving on food, ask you really need that snack every other weekend?

Don´t go to the gym and pay expensive money, go for walks and use stones, stocks and your own body and the gravity, and while walking..try to plan and go by recreational areas, sport fields etc, look for those large vessels of recycled cans, I have a routine to do that, and every now and then in the month I sometimes find a whole vessel full of cans to recycle, maybe 100 at once (around 0,11 usd or 0,23 usd depending on small can or large pet), all inside of a plastic bag, so just a matter of dragging it home and recycle it..the trick is to find out when it´s full, but I really don´t go out just for that but for getting myself a powerwalk anyway, so why not earn a little money while doing that :)

Look for cuopons, and stores that have campaigns..though make sure the pricing really is decreased from normal pricing.
I haven´t gotten so far to as to look at stores waste containers to find dumped food though.

Sell small models or graphic art if possible.

And for those of us aging, just think of yourself as one that can be labeled equally good as a good wine.


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40 here. Been using LW since version 6, but was using 3ds Max R3, Imagine and Extreme 3d before LightWave :)
56 years old, been using LW professionally since the first version that could do anti-aliasing. I started with traditional animation (optical printers, Oxberry stands, 35mm film cameras). In college I would make film animated logos for various local and regional businesses on spec and then haul a 16mm projector into their offices and pitch them. Years later I was exposed to a Video Toaster and went from there, competing with local Wavefront players and succeeding in doing better looking VFX work. Had much fun with Computer Cafe/Cafe FX in the day with fun movie credits. I currently do a mix of video production and LW animation, but for several decades LW has been my main source of income. Been learning the "B" software very diligently and I hate to say that last big LW job I finished this summer will be the last big LW job I do. I didn't leave LW, LW is leaving me.

Getting back to physical photography roots and finally finishing this month a dream project in an 8-axis motion control rig with a 20' track for stop motion, live action and model photography.


And I was wrong, on saturday only 55, then yesterday 56 years old.
And it´s really bad that I didn´t even get a congratulation from newtek anymore, which I normally do get every year, not only dev and support is declining, now even this:devilish::eek:
This is a serious matter , and this is how you fool everyone to look at you as more childish than grown up. :p🙃


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you worked on that?
mighty cool.

btw, always wanted to get a 16mm camera.
maybe in the future...
Ya, on the rigging crew. Here are a couple shots:

At the time I was wondering about some things, but since I found out they planned to release as monochrome, then it made sense.

Well, film processing will eat ya up for typical filming. However, if you're doing stop motion animation or such, then these days you shoot on negative stock then have it processed & digitized right off the bat.

I've a nice Arri-S. Even have an animation motor for it... somewhere. Been looking for a good home for it actually. Couldn't even sell it for shipping costs some years back.


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Congrats Prom! Welcome to 56 from me also - I tried it for 2 month now and its not bad. Wish you the same experience, too! :) 🎂🍰🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻


Congrats Prom! Welcome to 56 from me also - I tried it for 2 month now and its not bad. Wish you the same experience, too! :) 🎂🍰🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

Thank´s fishhead :)🍻

Good to know and that you are enjoying it, of course..every year is only a trial til it expires :D
Right now I am just happy having the proper will to go out and do my powerwalks for 40 minutes almost every day, in a fresh, slight chilly autumn air which is just lovely..enjoying the simple moments of that sensation of the air, with a mix of burned leafs, open stove´s and sometimes gingerbread baking from the Huge gingerbread company..a lovely mix of smell sensations, and the colorful tree´s, for a week more at least.

Soon though.. just cold and boring climate through all november, so that means more work I think with Lightwave and some other programs and enjoying that.

Carpe diem.


Is it just me getting the impression that a lot of us here are in the same age 54-56?
the others not mentioning their age are probably..just resting :)
Sorry, I had to take a nap after winding the old wall clock...

I'm in my late 60s. Retired.

I used Lightwave a lot back in the version 5.6 days. Since then I've used it sporadically. I actually completed a Masters degree in computer video art in the early 90s. Did a few one man video art installations, taught some classes, did a couple small "guest artist" gigs and some freelance stuff (logos, visualizations, etc). But it turned out the $$$ & hours were way better doing what I almost loved as much as digital artwork/media: programming & systems engineering.

I always thought that when I retired I'd re-visit digital art & 3D animation. I have indeed done so, but to a lesser degree than I expected because I'm doing all sorts of other enjoyable stuff I have time for now. Most of that family stuff or outdoor sports. Pretty hard to do 3D modeling while riding on a chairlift!
I just turned 56 and you're only as old as you allow yourself to be. To be honest though, I act like I'm still 22 but my body keeps reminding me that I'm not... My body didn't get the memo.
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