how fast of read/write speeds should i except with these new drives ??


we are upgrading from 4 75gxp ibms getting 50mbs to 4 western digital 120gb 8 mb cache. we are using an escalade 6400 on a single p4 2.0ghz


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Hard to say until you run DiskTest or AutoConfigure.

Sorry for dumb question but , is that going to be a 4 X 120GB RAID? And what type of box, and or controller do you use?

I like hardware that allows you to mix and match so I'm curious about the setup.



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It's awhile since I checked, but I don't think the 845 chipset supports RAMBUS. Am I getting senile, or what? ;)

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videoguy said:
How fast a read/write speed should I expect?

Well, Zane, even the benchmarks that AutoConfigure provides cannot take into account such things as head seek times, so whether you get 90MB/sec or 250MB/sec, the only thing that matters is 'how well does your video play'? IDE stripes typically max out at three rtv streams, despite improved bandwidth that a 64-bit bus or additional devices provide.
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