How do I load all texture parameters


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I'm trying write a file loader and would like to be able to create a texture layer either image, procedural or gradient, and set all the parameters. I've looked at the SDK and the file format and texture editor and can't see tags for all of the parameters. For example if you create a procedural texture layer the procedural type and envelope values are contained in the FUNC chunk however I can't find a suitable tag to load them into the layer. Do I need to use the createContext and loadstate to get this information into the relevant layer or do I use LWInstance. Also I've seen the chunks for nodes and wondered if anyone knew how to get this information loaded into a surface.




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Use LWTextureFuncs->save() on some procedural texture.
LWSaveState have from opening for writing in text mode.
This way you will see contents in text editor.
Make some changes to it.
And then try to load it back using LWTextureFuncs->load().
And compare results in LW, so you will be sure changes made in text editor are right one.

If this will work,
you can make temporary file and using load(),
then delete file.


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Thanks, I'll have a look at the save option and see what information is output, then I'll try and load a changed file in to see if the changes have any effect.


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