How do I get Flyer clips (with audio!) onto Windows?

Kevin Brice

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I'd like to take Flyer clips and use them with my Windows Toaster, but I can't find a way to do it. Here's what I've found so far:
  • BigFoot is supposed to allow mounting FlyerFS drives on Windows NT. But the file system DLL, FlyerFSNT.dll, is missing from the ZIP on (Things seem to have been moved and deleted at random there over the years.) My impression is even if I had this (which I'd like to if anybody has a working copy), BigFoot doesn't actually help with transcoding clips.
  • Aura says it supports importing Flyer video, but not audio. It's better than nothing, but I'd like the entire synchronized clip.
Does such a solution exist? Thanks!


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I believe older versions of TV Paint or Mirage may be able to do it but I'm not sure which version. I could not do it on the latest version of TV Paint 11.5 when i tried.
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