How do I execute a toasterscript function from a c/c++ program?


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I'm trying to figger out how to exucute a ToasterScript-command from a C++-program. I've read thru the SDK-ToasterScript-manual, but the info there (what I've concluded) only includes info on how to implement addtioional toasterscript-commands in C++. I would appriciate some additional examples, if possible, with includes and such.

What I realy want to do is execute the Take-command from an external application.

Any pointers?


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One solution is adding a keyboard shortcut, perhaps alt+Y, to the switcher in a userscript.

CreateShortCut("Alt Y", code( Take() ), "OrderedFocus", 1500) //should work there

In your program, just send the keystroke to VT.

Hope that helps.



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Problem almost solved

I solved this problem by using the Remote TScript-example in the SDK. However, this uttered an unexpected result: Scripts executed in a module/class this way won't execute in the same scope as most other scripts. The scope is even so poor that variables dont survive between calls if the (*ToasterConnection).SendMessage()-function.

Any ideas on how to expand the executing scope of the script to include atleast the scope of normal scripts executed inside VT?


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Email Andrew or Aussie for help.

That is the best advice I could give you.


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In the past, I would have referred you to The Aliens. But no more: I want someone from NewTek to answer you here as there are a lot of us pouring over the SDK right now trying to figure it out.

Kirtap, wait until you need a button....

I'm gonna add my neophyte question elsewhere. I support your question and really want answers (examples) here.


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execute ToasterScript from c++

I tried to compile a c++ program to execute toasterscript commands but I was unable to do that, even following SDK documentation
Could you tell me step by step, how you compiled it?

Thank you very muh in advance


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Execute TScript in C++

Take a close look at the Remote TScript exampel in the SDK, and you will get the idea. It's almost too easy to open the projekt in MS Visual C++ and compile the program.

The magic comes from

return SendMessage(m_ApplicationWindow,WM_COPYDATA,NULL,(long)&cds) ? true : false;

where temp is the command to send, and the m_ApplicationWindow is the window in VT you wish to receive the command. You could get the handle to this window from


where Window is a string containing the window name. Se the ToasterConnection.h file in the SDK for valid window names.


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Re: execute ToasterScript from c++

Thank you for your help!

My problem is that I get an error every time I try to compile a program with VT SDK.

Could you give me your email, please? I would want to ask you for some help.

Best regards,



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Does anyone know if you can use a Post message rather than
a Sendmessage?

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