How do I add more cameras to a TC-1


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The high school I work for got one for athletics and it has four camera inputs. Two come from SMPTE fiber drops from the track where I hook up handhelds, and the back of it has two more SDI inputs.

So I run four cameras total

What do we need to purchase in order to add more cameras to the stream?

Is it possible to do wireless NDI cameras?
I had good results adding a mobile phone camera device (NDI Camera App installed, a to purchase item) and connect this via WLAN access point (production only Router revommended) into my production workflows.
The other option will be IP NDI video sources connected to the network production switch your TC-1 is on.
Totally agree with Frank (regards!).
There are several SDI- or HDMI-to-NDI manufacturers like BirdDog (SDI, HDMI, 4K,12G...), NewTek (NC I/O series), KiloView...

I even have 2 KiloView NDI-Wireless-Converter in my portfolio - working very well.
Can also recommend the Mevo Start via WLAN. Look and feel like an Action Cam.
Mevo cameras can support NDI-HX. TC1 can accept this format, you will need to make sure you have decent WiFi, for the camera signals.
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