How could I run a scorebug as the operator of a mini-hd4


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So I am trying to use a tricaster mini-hd4 to stream high-school sports for my school via nfhs. I have gotten everything I need working except for a scorebug. I am trying to find a solution where one operator could both cut between cameras/use replay macos as well as update the score and quarter on a scorebug. Live panel would be a perfect solution but I don't think the mini-hd4 supports it and even if it did I don't think my school would be very keen on drop $1000 on it. Is it maby possible to make a macro that could increment a datalink value by 6?

Sorry for the rambling.
If you are just updating a score and quarter, have you tried building your score bug in the title and then just update the number on the title in the switcher? It's just like updating a name key.


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Another inexpensive approach is simply to use the DataLink watch folder to post updated values to a scorebug, with another person updating the values by one of any number of means from, say, a laptop on the network.
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