How can I merge items in Layout?


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I have cloned one box (with textures) 5 times in Layout. So now I have six items shown in Layout. Now I want to merge all 6 of these items into one item. (In Modeler I can cut 5 layers and paste into one layer to accomplish this. How do I do the same in Layout? The reason I need to do this is so that I can export a w3d file that, when imported into Director, comes in as 'one model'.)


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I don't know any method to merge objects in Layout (maybe someone with more knowledge than me could help in this one) but something you can do, if you don't find a better solution, is grouping the boxes together and export them; or better, export only a box and then clone and group it in director with lingo.
But, don't would be better do the work in modeller?.



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Another way

Hey all,

Another quick way is to Parent all your objects to a larger surrounding object in layout (maybe a box etc), then turn the box invisible in Director, but use that as your main model control.

Hope this helps.



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I agree with anthony that would be the best way so you can have more conrtol later if you change your mind. But you could also save each transformed object and load the into modeler and copy and paste them into the one layer so they will be treated as the same object in director.


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