Houston Lightwave User looking for ground floor


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I'm looking for employers in my area or state to find work with. While I have not been formerly trained in the program, My knowledge of Lightwave is pretty comprehensive. This is especially true in Modeler, and in the use of the texturing and rendering applications. I can pick up quickly on things taught in a formal setting, or by tutorial (this is how I learned a great deal of what I know).

I bring more than just strong Lightwave skills to the table. My degree is in Telecommunication, and with that I bring good knowledge of visual aesthetics regarding composition, color, and movement.

I also bring strong writing skills to the table, with an eye for detail in fleshing out the meaningful details of a scene. If you are interested, please reply here or at my E-mail address:[email protected].

I know that potential employers will wish to see portfolio material, so I am willing to e-mail or snail-mail the appropriate materials to the appropriate web or land addresses given.
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