Hiring an expert to pull Daktronics data into Hyperterminal.


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I have the following setup:

Daktronics 5000 Console --> Bi-Directional Serial to IP converter --> Gigabit Ethernet Switch --> Gigabit Ethernet Switch --> Bi-Directional Serial to IP Converter --> Serial to USB converter --> PC running Graphics Outfitters Scorebridge Mono

I am able to see and control both Serial/IP converters through my Scorebridge PC, but I cannot get any data into Hyperterminal.

I am willing to pay an hourly rate or one time fee.
Teamviewer access to the PC is available at any time.
I am willing to work on your schedule and have 100% availability for any assistance on my end.
I need this accomplished by Friday, November 17.


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Which port are you plugged into on the Daktronics system? You might need an AllSportCG between your stage 1 and stage 2 sections on the diagram.

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