Hi all!


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Hi, I am from Spain. I am here to introduce myself.
I began with Lightwavee in its old 5.0 until 7.5 version but I have leaved to use because wedding, sons, etc... the life, don't you?
In the beginning od pandemia I returned with LW2019 version focused in rig and animation but wow! the thinhgs have been change a lot!
I am glad to return to this amazing software.
I hope to learn a lot in this forum.

Best regards!


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@ttlecaster Welcome back. I'm glad you decided to come back and support LightWave. You'll find a lot of people here willing to answer your questions and/or point you in the right direction when you need help.

Don't be put off by some of the more "unhelpful" conversations that occur here, we're not always so disagreeable. Just know that you are always welcome and that you're among some very good people.



You too Mister,

also people are more active over at the Facebook these days, so check it out too.

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