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i have a problem with lw and the *.rla *rpf export... and DFX+

what must i make to have a real depth information for pictures ? i've got only a black and grey result on dfx+ ...
i have tired everything but without any results

i someone could help pleeeease


btw. i still haven't leard to write english sorry


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Hi there,

As long as you have specified the RLA & RPF to output the Z-buffer, all should work. The grey image you are seeing is just a representation of the Z-buffer, it doesn't actually mean much visually. It might be that the Z-buffer bit depth is great enough for your particular scene (I have found that sometimes the depth tools are hard to get a fine adjustment happening). Try this, in the image processing tab in LW, add an image filter (deluxe RLA). Double click on this bring up the properties. Under the depth channel box, select 32 bit. OK, now under the save RGB section of the render tab, select Deluxe RLA for the file type (remember that you will have to use the F10 key to render (try frame 1 to 1 first) so LW will save the RLA file. This should give the Z-buffer in the RLA file enough information for dfx+ to work with a little better.

Hope this works.....

Cheers :)

Justin W.


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it works!

hi justin

Thanks a lot for your help ! it works ! now i can use the depth- infdormation



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:cool: made a surch and found this thread, had the same problem, this with the DeLuxeRLA image filter seems to work fine,

my question now is what to select in image filter properties,
there is colour set to 16 und buffer to 16, depth 32.
Usually would be colour 24 and buffer 8???
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