Help with NT25 Codec


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I was a long time user of the VT, starting back in the old Amiga days, but I got tired of Newtek constantly dissing it in favor of their Tricaster, which I do understand from a business (money-making!) standpoint but it doesn't make long time VT users feel any better!

Anyway, I sold my VT but recently discovered some files that I recorded with Newtek's proprietary NT25 codec. I downloaded Newtek's codec pack, which specifies various versions of SpeedHQ but not NT25. Does anyone know if these codecs will play NT25 files? I loaded them into my current Adobe Premier Pro setup (I'm not sure if I loaded them in the correct place) but it still won't recognize my NT25 videos?

I saw some limited posts on this issue and, outside of recommendation for expensive software (which I'll only use for these conversions) I haven't found any way to make this work.

If someone could point me in the right direction codec-wise or or recommend a (preferably free) software that will convert my NT25 files to a format useable outside of VT, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much!
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