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Has anyone put Closed Captioning on DVD with the VT?

I have the show encoded with CC in the VT. VT show it outputing just fine. I render the project to DV2 and that will play with the CC. I than load it up into DVD WS2 and the final DVD will not play the CC. I can see the encoded signal at the top of the screen but it will not play as CC. I am guessing that it is at the wrong line at that point.

Is it possible to get WS2 to encode CC properly? If so, what settings do I need?

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closed caption

The code on tapes with closed caption will pass thru the VT system.
BUT they are on a line in the vertical retrace period.
Vertical and horizontal sync pulse areas are not included in the mpg encoding process.
To get the "cc" to function it has to be entered as a "SCC" file during the authoring process. This file can come From the company that originally did the closed captioning. The offset in the time-code from the original must also be calculated as the tape time-code differers from the time-code on the DVD.
The authoring program must also support adding this file.
You must also select the type of coding the authoring program will use.

The code is entered to the program stream in the appropriate place during playback.

Not all authoring programs have this function.
Adobe Encore V2 is the program I use. I have authored several DVDs that were required to have the "CC" enabled".
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I have the SCC file. Looking at WS2, I see no place to import it at. So I am guessing WS2 can not do CC. So looks like I shall need a new DVD authoring program.
Anyone know of one that is realtively cheap that can author CC? I don't need much bells and wistles on it just a basic one will do. Thanks
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