Help wanted with nodal 'Tile' material with variations


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For quite some time I have been trying to create a basic node material that can easily be used for all my 'tile' needs, which can be bricks, pavers, tiles, wooden fences etc.
But ...... because I want easy control over polygon position I often slice my polygons into tiles.
That's the reason why brick or tile nodes are no option here (as I don't want the texture to cross my polygon borders)
As an example I will use a large terrace with Tiles.
Sometimes I need to remove some tiles here and there to place some shrubs or flowers, in this way it's easy to remove some tiles.
I use 2 different UV maps, one exact size of tile (for example for seam texturing), the other is for tile surface (UV created after jittering morph target for UV variation).
And I used to use the kray autoparts plugin to assign different part names to each poly, so I can use the PartInfo node to variate UV placement
In the pictures my plane, my nodal setup and a render example.
I did managed to get a setup that quite works the way I want, hue however doesn't work, and probably my setup could be more efficient as most node stuff is still chinese to me.
It needs to grow into something I could be using for bricks, tiles, floorplanks etc after slicing the tiles into my geometry and adding the appropriate UV maps
Another requirement is it should be compatible with Kray! some nodes seem to work fine in Native Lw and fprime but don't show any result in Kray :(

This looks like a great way to surface for tiles, I might use it myself. :)

DB&W spot info node has a polygon number output that can be used, but it might not work with Kray?

Impressive, as usual. I guffawed just now when I saw it, as I knew swampy would be along RSN. My partner wanted to know what was going on and came over to look. She's just getting into LW, so I tread a thin line between what would intrigue her and what would scare her. This and the one previous in another thread were right on the edge.
Wow this is realy impressive! Just what I was looking for. Unfortunately the node doesn't work with Kray so that realy s.... :'(

edit :

I think I might have found a work around, using DPKit Part Info (Index) and Part Move (Index) driving the Random Scalar seems to give equal results :D

And indeed it works! Great to be used in all kinds of ways, pavers, bricks, tiles wooden planks etc :)
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Guess that doesn't matter, depends on what you want, you can size the texture in your image node as desired.
ofcourse you should use or create seamless textures
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