Help VT5 crashing - cannot display icons without lock ups


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This developed out of the blue.

Basically speededit will not open within vt5 - it crashes

If I open a filebin set the icons to large and roll the mouse over - it crashes.
This does not happen if I display "detail only"

I can't do anything at all. Except digitizing and look at my computer!

Is this a problem with Windows media player or something:bangwall:

Any thoughts -- Help


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There have been times when files created with a specific codec would cause a crash like that. you might try isolating groups of files to see if you can narrow it down. another possibility is a graphics card driver issue, which can cause no end of weirdness - updated that recently?


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i had this problem with an MP4 codec once. but now even a jpg file is crashing the program. You would not be surprised if i said it was all fine one day then switch on the next and all goes belly up. I dld not change anything.

how do I uninstall 5.3 Do i unintall to newteh SD drivers folder as well.?


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As said this problem is occurring when a full or large icon is displayed in a vt5 window. When I roll my mouse over the icon then the program goes into Not Responding mode. Though the computers tally light seen to be calculating something. I left this running over night and in the morning ended the program.

When I re launched VT5 the problem temporarily stopped. I managed to get everything working again even a few edits. Then I exited the program in the usual way then the problem returned. Then I force closed the program through task manager and launched the program and all was fine. This repeated all afternoon. Until I restarted the computer and I could not get passed the rollover problem again.

So what does this mean, there is a conflict somewhere or a file is corrupted.I'm going to give it another go today - it nothing works I'll reset computer to an earlier date, then maybe uninstall reinstall VT5 and if this does not work I have to reinstall windows which will be a real drag.

In case anyone gets this problem in the future I will post how it resolves itself.


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the rollover can be disabled in preferences - running vt5 on one p4 and its pretty freaky watchin the screen updates that are really slow with rollover on .... turn off rollover and the p4 almost works even with the so-called "compressed" files that you would think would run faster but gotta get translated in realtime.


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Well if anyone has a simular problem in the future here was the solution.

I bought a USB drive a few months back and used it on a project. Unknown to me the drive powers down completely when idle, yet it still appears on windows (When I reopen the newtek window it took a few seconds to find the clips to be found again).

After this it is a little unclear. My VT5 is prone to crash a lot for me during a days edit, and I think these crashes led to the whole system going nuts. I did all the installing and uninstalling thing and could not figure it out. It was only when I took the offending drive away that VT5 would load properly again.

You live and you learn, and this little nugget may save someone some time and a headache

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usb drives

There is software for most usb drives to disable the shutdown function.
The software comes on the drive or can be obtained from the manufacturers web site.
I have several Western Digital and Seagate drives that are disabled. They work without shut down an all computers.

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