HELP ! Procedurals gone Ape on network render

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Rock'nRoll Set Visualiser
W7 64 bit using LW 9.6 64bit mapped lwsn & cfgs on ALL machines.
Was working untill last weekend.
Massive project - basically a walkthrough a man-made canyon
Procedural driven textures on rocks
Suddenly started giving different texture 'positions' on different nodes - out of 50 nodes 30 would be consistent and the remainder would have 2 or 3 different textures.
Tried new simple objects & re-creating texture from scratch.
Fractal Noise is fine, but if I use a filtered noise - fBm in most of the textures I had developed - I get these different textures - just as if I was rendering on different platforms.
But all nodes are the same platform, I get differing results from 2 nodes on the same computer.
Once running the same nodes consistently produce the same texture.
If I stop & start different a different pattern of nodes does it wrong.
It's as if the noise generator used for the filtering is setting from the wrong seed.
Might have been triggered by a background Windows update? who knows!
Up half the night for the last 5 days.
Re-installed completely - LW & Butterfly render controller - last night.
No different.
Newtek Europe Tech support on holiday.


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Suddenly started giving different texture 'positions' on different nodes

I had this happen too while rendering an animation sequence, and I was doing it all on just one machine. I believe it was a combination of LightWave procedurals and IFW2 procedurals. In any event, Layout would crash and I needed to restart the render at a subsequent frame and the procedural textures were different (as you mentioned, like they were using a different seed).

One work-around: create UV maps and bake the procedural textures to an image and then use the baked images on your model(s), throwing away the use of procedurals at final render time. That probably also speeds up the render.

I do not have a huge amount of experience with Layout's Surfacing Baking Camera, but baking away the use of procedurals is one way to work-around the problem.



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Yep had the same *massively* annoying issue a few times. For me it was the "Dented" procedural but there are others.

For some reason they may use the same seed for a bit, and then all of a sudden switch between different nodes -> massive headache at rendertime.

fun fun.

Sorry man, besides baking to UV maps (Inifnimap maybe) or staying clear of many procedurals, I have no idea. Or perhaps cut up the scene in different shots for specific pc's etc..

When you do reach NT staff, good luck convincing them it needs fixing. I believe this has been discussed before.


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Yep i believe the procedurals with 'noise' are the most troublesome. Either bake, render on one machine or experiment with other procedurals. Avoid dented!
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