help needed with VMap's


Hi together,

I was running in a strange Situation with VMap's of the type VMTEXTURE.

Sometimes the Modeler seems not to delete all VMaps with closeall().

The VMaps are not shown by the Modeler, but they are listed with:


After that snippet, the Array uvmitems holds VMaps, that are not shown by the Modeler, but it seems they are existing. As far as I can say, These VMaps are generated for objects in a layer and then the object is moved to another layer. But I'am not shure for that.

I found the thread about how to delete a VMap, but to delete the map I have to set all entries to nil. Here is the next Problem... How can I request the entry with .isMapped for a Point that does'nt exist anymore? Is there realy no way to delete a VMap without Setting all entries to nil?

I think, that there is some rule to find out, that These maps are not real, because they are not shown by Modeler. But how can this be done?

Please help.

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