HELP HELP HELP - Audio Sync out


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When playing back - say an interview - the audio lags and so lip sync is out...even on productions i have finished that were all ok, now when i open audio is out of sync - even when i render - audio still out of sync.
This is new, never had issues until now...
My specs are:
Asus G75V Intel i7 3610qm 2.3ghz

Seems all new footage does the same

thank you:help:


3 press conferences?! 3?!
If I can help I will. in the interest of full disclosure, I'm having trouble with the Tricasters audio Sync as well but in a Dante environment.

Hardware specs are informative but we need to know the IO and configuration to get to the bottom of most of these issues. Please provide details about your production system and workflow, i.e., tricaster model, audio system, playout device...

in other words, How are you recording? What are you recording? and as much info as you can provde about the system.



If something was working and now it is not, sometimes re-installing SpeedEdit will fix the problem.
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