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I know that Inspire has oficially dead for some time now, but are there any other people out there still using it?


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I have it and will test on Win2k and XP.
I just purchased LW 7.5 and am wondering if anything done in Inspire can be imported into LW - models, etc.


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We still have one Inspire seat here and use it to train newbies to our group.

It's still a great program and YES, everything done with it can be pulled into the newer versions of Lightwave.


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I'm teaching digital animation to my online kids...using Inspire 3D. Does anyone know of a site (or sites) that offer free objects?

Or, some students are building their own characters but having problems adding them in the Inspire layout....anyone had this experience...and a fix?



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Inspire Import

Hello pinnerd:

Inspire is roughly equivalent to LW V5.6. If your models are made in any versions higher the file is incompatible. LW V6 is a new object type. For use in older versions than 6.0+ then you must EXPORT the object to Lightwave V5.0. If you have bones in a model then your guess is as good as mine if it compatible. The more complex the bones than less likely to export bones heirarchy. I hope this helps.


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"I know that Inspire has oficially dead for some time now, but are there any other people out there still using it?"

Yeah, Inspire is pretty "dead" now. It's a shame. It was such a great little app. I would have thought that Newtek would have wanted to latch onto the entry-level people.

Inspire was my real first step into "serious" 3D stuff. I've since moved up to LightWave (v6, then v7.5c), so my copy of Inspire doesn't get installed any more.

Like the other poster said, most of the .lwo models that you'll find on the web will be in the later (v6+ or v7+) format. You can sometimes import these objects, but you'll lose the texturing data, since the later versions of the .lwo format allow for UV mapping data and (LightWave-specific) texturing plugins that Inspire doesn't have.



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Yes. I am still learning how to use it in my spare time.Its
not bad, I still think they came out with a good product
for those on a tight budget, like me:cool:


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I started out on Inspire, it was my first steps into 3d, I've gravitated to LW7.5 and am now looking forward to 8. Occasionally I mean to reload it back on just to see what the interface looks like, I've come over all nostalgic suddenly.


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Inspire Dead?


I agree with you all. I get real tired of damaging my parallel dongle w v6.5. I think it is time to upgrade. ;-) I still use Inspire on my laptop. I also have 6.5 on it as well but Inspire is great for getting started on a project then port it over to the bigger version.



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3dster -What a brilliant reason to buy a laptop, one of thoughs nice shiny 17" Powerbooks - my girlfriend is going to love you

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Inspire to Lightwave

There is a Inspire to Lightwave Upgrade available.
Call your local Newtek Dealer


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Hello and Thanks for the upgrade info

Hey, thanks for the info about Newteks upgrade from Inspire to
Lightwave. I`ll still use inspire as an extra modelling tool
for real quick stuff. I hope to have some experimental models
in mid May to show-case. And maybe get some critiquing on
how to be better at it.

Thanks again and as always, let the imagination run wild and free.:D
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