HE-130 support?


The HE-130's were touted as getting the NDI capability as well as other cams from Panasonic. Is this still on the table?


The product line is a little confusing...

This $300 software update can be applied to Panasonic AW-HE* cameras, but AW-HN* cameras come with NDI, right?

Zane Condren

Senior Integrated Production Specialist
Yes, that is correct the N models come with NDI-HX Outputs from the factory. The firmware upgrade is for users that already have Panasonic PTZ Cameras.


So I tried to buy 3 licenses to cover my 3 cams, and was met with this error. Do I have to go through the entire purchase process with each camera license? Uugh... Just remove the # box on the purchase page, then.

Does someone if there is any NDI-related setting in the 130 web interface ?

I could not find anything new after firmware update and NDI activation, there is not even a BW selection, or whatever.


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