HDV to DVD Streamlined


I was slowly going crazy searching for the right software route to encoding an HDV SE timeline to create a good looking DVD. Finally I have found a quick easy way, with 'hardware'. Oh, those annoying interlace jaggies!!! :devil:

So I play my SE2 1080i edited timeline and set the BlackMagic Intensity Pro to rescale the output to SD 16 x 9. Then I hook up a Toshiba DVD recorder with S-Video and stereo audio from the Intensity.
Push record and in real time I have a great looking DVD. Only thing lacking is pretty menu navigation on the DVD.
However, the files are encoded on the DVD and can be extracted into Nero and better menus added to a new burn.


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Yeah, wazup with Nero 10? Nero 6-8 would do a great job making a DVD from an AVI file. Now Nero 10 chokes on an uncompressed AVI, and field reverses good old DV Type 2 AVIs.

Good idea on the real-time DVD recorder. I bypass the ugly menu by setting my Panasonic DVD recorder to make the DVD to play immediately with no menu.
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