HDMI output


Hi.I'm still testing my Talkshow :D

There is 2 HDMI output on the talkshow, they use for something?

on of them don't send any signal
the other i can see and extension of the main desktop, but i'm not able to send any windows there, i want to use one of these hdmi output for a reurn monitor, ( i know that i have and SDI output) but the mayority of case the client only have LCD monitor with hdmi inputs.

and last question, how tally works if i use only newtek equitment?
i put net1 (talkshow input) on the air (program) but there is not any image on the caller that say AIR. the stting is on default or i need create and image that said Air?

thanks Masters


NewTek SE
The HDMI outputs are graphics card for the computer interface, you can use either the DVI or either HDMI for the Windows desktop, they aren't 'video' outputs.
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