HD access hangs Toaster

Chris J.

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I'm experiencing a rather odd problem. Every time I access a certain hard disk to load up any file, my Toaster hangs. I can access all the other drives, files, no problem. I did notice in computer management that it is the only "simple" drive. But that seems an unlikely cause. The drive works fine for all other programs. I can't figure out why the Toaster doesn't like it-- maybe the drive is bad and the Toaster is the only program smart enough to know it...:D

Scott Bates

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Don't know what a "simple" drive is, but more info would be helpful...

-- Can we assume this is a "system" drive - not a video stripe set?
-- What kind of drive is it - Make, Model, Size, SCSI, IDE, Removable, etc.?
-- How is it formatted - Fat32, NTFS?
-- What type of files are you trying to access on the drive from the Toaster?
-- Have you tried running Scandisk on it or defragging it?


'the write stuff'
Might be a file at the root level that Toaster is choking on when it tries to build thumbnails. Things like DivX files have done this sometimes...

Chris J.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I moved all the files in my root drive to a folder and...whalla! It worked! So now I will try and find out which file is the culprit. If it is significant, I will post results.

Thanks again! What a great community!!
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