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Here's a hand I modeled today. I painted a quick bump map for it. Took me about an hour to model the hand and about 1 minute to paint the bump map.
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Looks good, cept for the thumb.. there's a kink in it just past the base knuckle that looks too bent, I think.

Also, the fingernails look a tad flat.

But considering it took 61 minutes to do... fantastic! It's almost enough to make me hate you :D


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Love the lines on the joints, are they modelled or a bump map?

Index finger looks a tad longer than it should be, it looks almost longer than the middle finger. The back of the hand looks a little flat.

But hey, for an hours modelling it looks great.


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maybe the fingers are a bit thin compared to their length. and yes, the thumb needs some tweeking, but i guess u already know that :) lets see the final version and i am sure it looks great...:D


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The lines on the joint are a bump map. You would have to be crazy to model all that detail in. ;) Like I said, I took about a minute to paint a map for it. Then I just copied and pasted each finger in so you may notice they're all the same. I just wanted to make it more interesting then the bare model. I'll paint a more detailed map when I have time. I'll post an update when i finish it.


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I think that the distance between the joints in the knuckles are off. Especially the first knuckle looks like it is to far forward.

Other wise I think it is looking good.

Cant wait to see an update.


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Looks good so far...

my 2cents:
-the thumb looks two pinched below the knuckle
-too flat onthe back of the hand... i would continue the bones from the finers to the wrist a lot further
-fingernails... eh, maybe too flat, looks believable to me though.

great work... i have enjoyed watching the progress of this character.


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You said you`re going to draw a real bump map when you get the time. Well, when you do, check out the fingernails and make sure they don`t have a visible thickness on the sides and at the cuticle. At the moment they look like stick on falsies!


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