Group Node.....?


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Is there such a thing as a group node (native LW or third party).
I have been playing with surfacing and have different versions of the surface within the node editor.
It would be nice to be able to group one lot together a bit like in Fusion, so they are packed small.

Edit: also would be nice to label each group with surface description.
Is this the sort of thing db&w do in the patreon scheme?
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I made TrueGroup,
later LW team added Compound node.

But, there is yet another way:
Global Materials
You set material inside of global Node Editor, and different objects or surfaces, all use it.
You can change small details like colors using Item Info or Surface ID, plugged to Gradient node, then plugged to network common to couple objects/surfaces. Check video tutorial on YouTube.
It saves user going back and forth between couple Node Editors, as you edit it in just one global Node Editor.
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