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I'm looking to get a group together in Washington (state that is). If you are interested, contact me. Would be nice if you were on the west side but I'm not picky.

It would be nice to have people local to talk to about their experience and skills with the Toaster.


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Thanks for adding me.
I don't expect people to travel all the way out to our little country cabin of a school but I know I can't be the only Toaster user in Western WA. I would just like to have some contacts who use the Toaster that are close enough to visit and get some advice and ideas from. I'll continue to use the discussion board either way but it would be nice if I found someone local to exchange ideas.
Keep em coming.


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That's a mere four and a half hour drive for me!!! way. I guess I'll contact him anyway.

Chris McDonell

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Toasting in Lynnwood:

With the old Amiga Toaster/Flyer right now, but I do have a PCVT, but it needs more hard drives then the two 8 gigs I got when I first bought the Frame Factory (which was traded in for a vtpc 1.0). I've since upgraded to 3.0 and now it looks like I need a faster pc.

And Wane is the only guy who has supported Newtek products since the Amiga Toaster days who still around in Washington.

There is another dealer in Bothell, but I was kinda pissed off at the last demo I went to there. I meant to buy a bob there, but the so-called newtek rep was too busy showing off some non newtek web-streaming ware so I just walked out.
I still need a bob though, so I'll probably get it from Wane. (even if it is 40 miles further.)
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