Great, but what about CS4?


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What I want to know is how will Rendition work with Photoshop CS4? I plan to upgrade soon (mainly for the enhanced 3D in Photoshop and After Effects) and if Rendition would help my renders in Photoshop AND After Effects, I am all for it, otherwise, I will skip the $$$.


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Sorry for going OT

Dunno, but I was perusing an edition of Advanced Photoshop magazine in September. There was a big spread on incorporating 3D into PS projects in it. There was a lot of talk in it about different importable 3D formats, but not a single mention of Newtek nor Rendition. I thought that was just plain wierd.


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Yeah I would have thought NT incorporating thier software into Adobe's as a Photoshop specific plugin would help get LW some rocognition.


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I know you can get a plugin to import LWO files into Lightwave. Hopefully, Collada will be supported.

Huh, what?

LWO is Lightwave's native object format. You don't need a plugin to load LWO objects in Lightwave. It's not even called importing in this case. And Collada is supported in Lightwave (both export and import).

I hope you just confused Lightwave 3D to Rendition in your post.
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