Graffiti on DFX


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Anyone know if Boris Graffiti CG will run on DFX+ as an After Effects plugin? It supposedly works as a plugin to After Effects 6.0 and above.

I own Graffiti 3, but stopped using it when I upgraded from VTNT1 Speed Razor to VT4 which doesn't support it. Graffiti does not run as a standalone so it needs a host rendering program to plug into.

When installing Graffiti, there is no option for AE plugin type during installation. As such, I selected the "other host" option.

Graffiti plugins install in the DFX AEplugins folder, but with the .prm file extension.

DFX doesn't recognize that Graffiti exists.

I've tried renaming the Graffiti plugins with .AEX file extension, but no change.

Ironically, Graffiti comes with some .AEX blur and shadow plugins and they seem to work okay inside of DFX.

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