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Is there anyway with "grab_still" or similar shortcut, that allows you to define where you want to store a grab, ie. DDR1, DDR2

We're trying to build a macro so that on two independent button presses, we can either save a grab to either DDR without having to manually change this in the GUI each time. There doesn't appear to be a key in grab_still currently so I'm wondering if there's another way.


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Setting the grab targets isn't something that records into a macro.

Another way might be to use LivePanel if you have a system that support it. With LivePanel there is a DDR controller interface and you can add clips/stills along with modify the DDR contents using a web browser on another computer.
If you have a the graphics channel you don't use have the grab dump them there, then select the last item (-1) from said channel and then copy and paste to ddr1 or 2. I think the macros can record selecting of a given ddr before issuing the paste to allow you to determine where it goes. Dont have a system hooked up to test with but might work.

In thinking about it you could always just dump to DDR1 and then only copy paste to DDR2 when needed and skip burning a channel.
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Confirmed my idea. Execute the grab and send to DDR1, on the other button macro 2 do the same but then you can execute a select clip -1 do a cut, paste it into the DDR you want and save the macro.


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if you are grabbing a still, why not send it to a frame buffer instead of taking up a DDR?

I have a macro that takes the selected clip in DDR and sends it to either FrameBuffer1 or Framebuffer2, then clears the clip from the DDR.


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in the newest version. this grab function is 'broken' in the aspect it no longer grabs the alpha channel. it should be bugged.
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