GPU rendering hack

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we shall see,,, i think it might be too slow.

youtube - erikals
i'm unsure, more noise in LightWave, and it lacks reflection blur and textures.
it also has less good antialiasing. so the actual render time might end up 3x slower in the end.
interesting. but more tests are needed i think ?

I went to his channel to ask a question about if he plans to release this plugin publicly or commercially, suggesting that the teasing is painful at this point and got banned from the channel because i can only see my comment when i am logged in.
This does not bode well if you get a ban for asking a question.
In my opinion this plugin will never see the light of day, ever.

i'm unsure if he is the actual developer.
also at times Youtube will delete a message quite fast, for unknown reason.
if you find him here, send him a PM.

i asked the same question,
another "developer"? answered that it wouldn't be released any time soon.
unsure if that was the real deal or not. later the message was deleted.

i've seen this kinda plugin info stuff before.
50% of the time the plugin gets released
50% of the time - not.

i feel so-so about this one.

edit; yeah, like ZKL says > "its a developers realtime raytracer running on single 1060gtx"
so no, ZKL is not the developer, he is only the one testing the plugin.


i see he (ZKL = 3Dhotshot) posted a related video here >

Nice find.
This entire thing is quite ominous.
Hopefully it will be released at some point, it would be truly amazing and incredibly useful, especially if it does support accelerating the older LW2015 render engine.


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I would have preferred a LW native vs. LW render hack because this meant really nothing.
Agreed. The two scenes don't have the same geometry and the Lightwave scene has no materials / texturing, which makes the comparison less than useful.

Don't get me wrong; I am delighted to see anyone put effort into improving Lightwave render speed. But in comparisons such as this, the scenes should at least be exactly the same, geometry and textures-wise.

a bit more on this here >



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