Good Bless SPEEDEDIT ! ! !


Guys ! ! . . I am simply speechless.... and I have been since 2012 when I finally decided to order my new Red Digital Camera so that I could finally put all my experience & studies into practice. . . . BUT ! ! ! SPEEDEDIT ? What about Speededit?

I started editing back in 1998 on premiere 5.1 and suffered (at the time unaware) all the pains of what I now would call ”stupid editing" until I came across VT4 which of course included its own NLE.

Not only VT4 was the best thing since slide bread and my a life saver, having had to link video cameras/clips to midi files (thank you young monkey) on various stage performances, but suddenly I discover that HEAVEN does exist ! ! YES . . . Speededit was HEAVEN to me ! !

I can now definitely say that I am a SICK person . . YES ! . . . I have become a SPEEDEDIT dependant human being.

Would you believe me if I said hat after having spent in excess of $22.000 on new equipment I have since abandoned my RED camera and, for that purpose, all my interest and love for my work ?

No Speededit . . no Mauro behind a desk wearing the editor's cap ! ! . . just can't do it ! ! ! . .

Recently I have been following courses on various NLEs, mainly AVID, CS6, as well as DaVinci Resolve in order to pull myself together and pick up from where I left off but ! . . . . no freaking way . . . the more I learn about AVID and in some cases Premiere, the more I realise that who design them could not possibly be a sensible editor himself and see all the silliness that is unnecessarily imbedded in those softwares. . . just can't touch them without getting EXTREMELY angry !

After having used NT SE . . who needs all those windows ? . . . Who needs all those silly tools ? . . who needs the effects box just to get a picture in picture or whatever else ?

The timeline is where we work . . . and that is all we need and indeed want to see on our screen ! . . . beside the output monitor of course ! . . . normally on another screen.

I have 4x24” an 1x 2K 30” monitors but, using SE, I could and have been editing on only 2 monitors just as easily .

It’s all there, within the mouse functions and some very simple and easily memorised shortcuts . . . non need to take your eyes or mouse away from the timeline in search for that silly little symbol . .

no need for us to wear a “captain hat” in order to “ navigate” around a cumbersome screen in search of our next function. . .

Who needs Audio 1 Audio 2 Video 3 etc etc . . ? ? ? . . Why being restricted to a specific area for video or audio ?

It’s called “dictatorship” . . SpeedEdit is a DEMOCRATIC, friendly and kind software that negates nothing to the user, so why bring it to an end when it’s still well alive and kicking ? . . . Much more than any other software around ? . . . . It’s CriMinaL ! !

Why can’t we all get together and speak nicely to NT in order to make them review their decision ?

I’m sure that many of us, like myself, would stretch their hands deeper into their pockets in order to make this happen.

Ultimately all we need is to incorporate a few more codecs into the software and allow it to import/ export XML files so that we can all bring our Proxy clips into our beloved platform and carry on with our lives ! ! . . . . to then re export them into some other tool such as DaVinci (for colour grading), Premiere, Avid etc . . . in order to apply our edits to the original Arri, Red or whatever footage and do the final export in perhaps DCP or QT Pro res . . . or what ever.

Not much to ask for is it ? . . Mostly because SpeedEdit doesn’t need any improvements what so ever . . . it’s fine as it is . . . couldn’t fault it if i tried !

I am sad and …. even more sad for those that haven't had a chance to know how splendid our work can be . . . I can’t live without a simple, clear, plain and efficient NLE to work with . . .

Let’s make it happen ! !
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We feel your pain, however, don't hold your breathe. We have been pleading and asking nicely for years but for whatever reasons, Newtek has no interest in continuing this product. We have to face it and admit it is over and move on. I had asked longtime NT personality Kiki Stockhammer if thee were any plans for bringing it back and she just laughed and said no way. While I understand tha she is not their official mouthpiece, she seemed pretty adamant about it. I was about to delete my link to this forum but decided to look again.

Sorry for the bad news. Maybe you can find a support group in your area to handle the loss. Good luck.
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