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I have a mater->gizmo type plugin and have been able to successfully render into LW's viewport using custom glsl shaders on Windows but can't do it on the Mac. The shaders require glsl version 3.3 and apparently MacOS uses Legacy Profile as default for the OpenGL context and only OpenGL up to 2.1 and GLSL up to 1.20 is supported. Is there any way I can set the context to use CorePorfile 3.2 so that my shader will compile?


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Steve, see...

for the typical method to work around this, you need to use core context (forward-compatible) to get advanced GL./GLSL access. Also, understand this limits backwards-compatibility w.r.t. OSX versions supported (IIRC, need 10.8 for GLSL3.x, 10.9+ for GLSL4.1).

NOTE: Because you're using core context instead of compatibility context, be aware you cannot use deprecated functions, etc.

Hope this helps! If that's not enough, either post or send a PM and I'll help you further.
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Hi John,

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, LW is the one creating the opengl window and context so I'm unable to request a core context. So it looks like the Mac version of Remodeler will have to use the LWSDK opengl drawing tools for displaying orientation curves and the like. Not the end of the world ... just a lot of extra work.
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