Getting started with the Mac SDK


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The Mac SDK is confusing. First, there are no makefiles, so I guess when they say Mac, they really mean full-blown IDE (Xcode), not just Linux flavored Mac. That's fine, but the only Xcode project is named NDIlib_Recv_Audio_MacPlay which suggests it's for receiving audio. I don't care about audio. I need examples that show me how to work with video and there are no video Xcode example projects. Aside from Xcode, I see numerous projects in the C++ folder, such as one named NDIlib_Recv_PNG, but it's just raw source code, no makefile. What are we supposed to do with any of this code to get started?

The C++ examples are further intimidating by the fact that they are positively enormous. The simple LodePNG example consists of a 260KB, 6400 line source file. Do I have to master all that code to ramp up on rudimentary NDI programming? Where's the "easy start" approach for learning NDI? And like I said, there's no clear way to actually build any of this code.

Then I tried opening the one Xcode project mentioned above anyway, even though its name does not suggest it targets my needs, but it won't open. The permissions are all wrong on the Xcode project and its internal files. I suppose can try to manually fix up the permissions, but I don't get it. Why was it distributed in a broken and unopenable state?

I feel like I've overlooked something really obvious about this SDK. What am I missing? How do someone just get going on this?

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