Getting Lightwave models into VUE


So forgive me if this has been posted before but I wanted to let anyone who's having trouble making Lightwave and Vue play nicely together. I struggled for a long time to get my sub d models and polygonal (sp?) models to look right an no one had the answer. So here it is...I believe VUE prefers triangles so you have to freeze your models (ctrl d) before you save them in Lightwave. Then once you load them into VUE right click on the object in the layers panel and go to edit object. In the dialog box give it a 30 * smoothing angle. That should keep the round stuff round and the sharp stuff sharp. that's it...I'm not a master but it seems to work for me...ttfn jus-one-more.jpgJohns-ship-frozen.jpgjus-one-more.jpgJohns-ship-frozen.jpg
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