Getting INHERIT to work - it CAN be done

Mutley Eugenius

New member
Some users are having trouble with the clip inherit function, and here is what the problem is:

You have to hold down the Alt key to inherit, but you have to do it an exact way. I thisnk this is a bit of a bug, in that it should be easier, but here's the exact tech on how to do what you want to do.

You have a clip with properties, and you place a new clip on the timeline that you want to inherit those properties. The new incumbent clip has to first go onto the timeline, and Zoom so you can see both clips.

Then hold-click the new clip, and drag it towards the properties clip. On the way there, hold down the alt key. As soon as you have the new clip over the old clip, wait for the word 'inherit' to appear.

Then, let go of the Alt key .2 of a second before you let go of the mouse button. This is a precise move. If you're too fast it will give you the "TEd Clip" problem. If you're too slow, same thing. Go for .2 of a second. If you gtet the timing right, it will inherit the properties perfectly.

This is something I do every day, and I always thought it was clip format errors, but will work every time if you follow that procedure
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