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In an effort to try and reduce our latency in our broadcast workflow, we tried to genlock our HD workflow pretty unsuccessfully. I spoke with NewTek and it appears that they only support genlock in 3 specific frame rates. 1920x1080/59.94i, 1280x720/59.94p and 1280x720/29.97p. And that being with an NTSC black burst sync, not even tri level.

Am I crazy for thinking that this should be something they should be more actively looking into? Getting 4-5 frames latency and not being able to genlock in alternative frame rates such as the overly popular 59.94p or 23.98sf for cinema.

Protek support suggested I ask the bigger audience as to what they are doing here. Ultimate goal is being able to eliminate our camera sub-switcher for imag, which at 5 frames, isn't really doable. The carbonite when genlocked is 1.5frames end to end using the same SDI workflow in both 59 and 23 frame rates.


I got this answer from Area51 "the hardware does support 1080p29.97 bi-level reference, but doesn't support tri-level reference"
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The bigger issue is that even with frame syncs off there is something wrong and the tricaster is still doing 4 frame+ of latency instead of the advertised 1-2 frames. I have had a ticket open with Area51 for some time now.
They were and they said it is being worked on. I just used a time code clip in the DDR and loops the mix1 out into input 1 and took a capture of the monitor, was a method to test just the tricasters latency from this forum. Its been this way since late last year for me. The same method used to get me 1.5 frames when I first got the TC1.


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My TC1 is faster by a full frame than the TC2. The answer seems to be drop to 720 (again, what year is it? I am not using my 460 LOL) -- I did grill support about this 1-2 frame mystery and the exact metric they used to get there. Its very misleading to say even 2 frames and not say with a big asterisk that its 720p and genlocked with NTSC.
I used to get 1.5 frames when I genlocked and disabled frame syncs in 1080i output. . This stopped after an update. More latency was introduced and I do not know why. Since that update It is constantly at 4 frames. NDI seems to be at 1 frame which is nice but I dont know many people doing IMAG with NDI. Really hope it gets fixed. I don't have a TC2 to test with but If this wont be resolved their marketing pages need an update etc. I know they are trying to fix it last I heard. Its just been this way for months which is frustrating.


The actual performance between TLS and plain old burst is negligible at best. I was recently on a cutting-edge truck used for MLB. It was almost entirely blackburst.


In the operation manual, page 309 - they explain, why delay is a "feature" not a "bug" :ROFLMAO:

"Viewed in this light, a certain
amount of latency is actually “A Good Thing!”"
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