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Is it possible for someone to help me get FXmonkey onto my VT3???
Where is it? Should it have come as part of my install? Is it on the last VT version (4909 I think)program disks??
I would like to try the monkey if someoen would help\
Thanks in advance for your help


We've got it simple.
You may have to point the LW content directory to the content directory of FX Monkey.

Also, a biggie is if you are still using VT3 and you installed the 4909 patch. It erased and wiped out the FX Monkey directory.
The only way to get it back is to uninstall completely, reinstall from CD, back up the LW and Aura content directories, install the 4909 patch then reinstall the backed up directories.

If all the above is ok, then the Monkey is located in Layout, Scene tab, Utilities ->Generics.

Its a part of Lightwave 7.5 In Layout.

If you have VT3 4909 installed (last patch) and didnt back up the LW content you would have to reinstall. I have the content zipped at home if you need to replace it and don't want to reinstall. (Deja-Vu_ :)

pm the usual number.....



knowledge seeker
The VT system was sent with whatever patches already installed. Next time I get the chance to look for the folder I will. Hopefully I can get it to work. If not, I will need that folder from you!!


knowledge seeker
Did a search online and found out how to get the monkey to work!!
Newtek forums and support are the best around!!!
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