Fun with Nodes - UV holo


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Here's a little example of UV holos - useful for limited spaces with local
illumination such as instancing lit rooms in dark enviroments, like skyscrapers or spaceships. It could also be of (limited) use for deforming structures.
(banked rotations in regard to the UV won't work)

The dark edge round the source object is there to stencil out
some "original" surface on the UV-objects..

With a poly ID-node one would be able to take this even further,
like tracing a random "room" from a set and give them individual shades.


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The Object ID Node does not work on my computer-- is there a work around you could post? Thank you!!!!


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one thing I can't seem to wrap my mind around is how to get the virtual holograms to stay "in place" on their objects regardless of where the original source hologram object is.
If I move the cube (layer 1), the holograms move out of place. Any fix?
I'm at a total loss.


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OK-- well I found the Trueart extended spot node but since the other node wouldn't load I don't know where it goes in the network. Luckily the scene works without it (unless I'm missing something)
But getting the image of layer 1 to stick to layer 2 regardless if where it is still eludes me.
You guys have been very helpful. Thank you all so much.
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