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Brian Peterson

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Is anyone having stutter problems in the latest build?

Ever since I installed it, every other time the computer hits a cross fade or even any other DVE the video and audio will stutter. It is extremely frustrating.

A few facts, I am running a duall P3 800 and am using the microsoft dv codec with footage captured by Vegas video 3. I had this problem to a small degree with previous builds, but with the newest build it has become impossible to play out a project, no matter the length without rendering the whole thing to RTV which I don't have the hard space to do.


Take a look at your cpu usage. With two DV streams in a transition, you are likely hitting 100% CPU usage.

The way to get smooth playback is to lower your CPU settings in preferences for 'TED CPU usage' so that it will force render just the transitions. To set this, play back a single stream of DV footage while watching the windows CPU Usage meter, (Windows Task Manager - Performace Tab). It will likely read about 60% with your set up. Then go into Toaster Preferences and drop the TED CPU usage setting accordingly, (probably down to 1GHz).


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Hi Gordon - looks cold in Alberta ... but I think it's worse in Denver right now :)

I agree, a dual P3 is a bit underpowered for working with DV native files. This may change with T[3] and the new approach to DV, but then again I'm not positive that it's going to work well with P3 systems either. Might be time to start thinking about retiring that machine to something more leisurely, like say a DVD authoring station...

Brian Peterson

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Oh, the ol' girl will be replaced soon, as soon as T3 is announced as shipping. I want to wait though until we are sure that the dual xeons 2.4 chips and supermicro mbs will work with it well.

I don't want to purchase 1200 in computer parts and have it needed to be replaced in 6 months.


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I've heard (from Newtek?) that the Microsoft DV codec ain't all that. (Something about having to convert between RGB and YUV space?) I've been using the Mainactor DV codec ($50) with no problems on a single 2.4GHz P4. Might want to try that, or another low-horsepower codec such as MJPEG or HuffYUV.

Dualie 800's might be a tad underpowered for the Toaster, but if it was working OK before the latest build, it's probably worth fiddling with the prefs, and failing that, backing up a build so you can keep working until you get your new hardware and T3. Maybe Newtek compiled the latest build for extensions that aren't in the P3?

Good luck! -MG


Steve: Actually the picture was taken 10 days ago when the temperature, (with wind chill was around -35C). It has warmed up about 40 C, (70F) and positively feels like spring - wait it is spring! We're all running around in short selves and even bought a sun shade for the backyard. Alas can't set it up too well as the snow is still 3 feet deep.

Brian: I'm putting together, (once they can ship the parts to me), a dual 2.4 Ghz Xeon based on the new Intel MB. You can assume that it will work unless I post otherwise. I'll be using the Serial ATA boards and drives as well. Also should be interesting to see how well the ABit Ti4200 8x graphics card works in the MB 8x AGP slot.

MGrusin: I too use the MainActor DV codec not only for speed but the quality is better.
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