*FREE* Sasquatch Resurrector v1.1 has been released!


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Sasquatch Resurrector v1.1 has been released.
You can read more, watch videos, and download it from:
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Sasquatch Resurrector is special hack which let you run Worley Lab Sasquatch in LightWave 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Instead of adding original Sasquatch to the project, you must add Sasquatch Resurrector, which indirectly talks to Sasquatch, simulating entire LightWave v11.x and LightWave 2015.3 environments.

Couple examples of renders from original Sasquatch demos:
Sasquatch Resurrector LW 2020.0.2 1.png

Sasquatch Resurrector LW 2020.0.2 2.png

Sasquatch Resurrector LW 2020.0.2 3.jpg

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ps. Old thread from December 2020, when I released it first time:
It has some questions and answers.


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That's great but some of us missed out on buying this plugin from Worley when it was for sale. Is Worley around to realize he could still earn revenue?

One could try license codes from 0000 0000 0000 0001 through 9999 9999 9999 9999 to activate the Sasquatch demo. I'm already exhausted at 0008. It's time for AutoIt!


the problem is that Sasquatch has compatibility issues.
can't recall all now, but it is written on the forum. some lights etc wouldn't work.

it is an interesting alternative tho' to the Current poly-based LW2018 version.

LW2015, like Sasquatch, used another method for rendering fur, one that works better for Pixar style fur.

as for Worley bringing it back. No, won't happen, You could mail him i guess.
I could sell mine, but unsure about the transfer, don't think it would work.

I wish they could activate the old FiberFX in LW2020, if possible.



Since I am almost bald, and I want to render my head with hair while it´s refleted in a mirror in the 3D scene, How do I do that with sasquatch?
Or sasquatch grass fibers reflected at the banks of a lake?


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Just for info, assuming you can reach someone at worleys, they are open to licence transfers.
Did it myself long time ago.
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